treatment of ailments or for relaxation

Recently I was introduced to Massage Therapy Salon `SHANTI`. I had been to massage therapy and physiotherapy in Canada, but I had not experienced acupuncture or acupressure. The form of massage that I took is called tui-na massage and appears to be a type of acupressure.

The salon `SHANTI` is modern, clean, well lit and is open to outside light and fresh air. The atmosphere is very pleasant. At the end of one hour of treatment I felt relaxed, free of pain and energized. My treatment was followed by a cup of soothing lavender tea. In the days following my treatment I felt more alert and many of my aches and pains had disappeared. I can now turn my head equally to left and right which I couldn`t do before. I recommend highly SHANTI salon for treatment of ailments or for relaxation.


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